How to Advertise Your Property with Malta Property Direct

Malta Property Direct can help you sell your property quickly and affordably, in just a few easy-to-do steps. If you would rather not sell but opt to rent your property, we can help you do. Here's how...

1. Register with us. Registering with Malta Property Direct is simple - just fill in the registration form. Do not leave any of the required information out.

2. Provide a short description of the property you would like to sell or rent via Malta Property Direct. Tell us what it includes, where it is located, what makes it special. Your property description will be edited and used in your very special sale/rental advert.

3. Upload images of your property. Images should highlight your property/ies as best as possible.

4. There are 2 different plans which you can choose from, depending on your specific budget. There is the BASIC plan which caters for clients who wish to sell 1 property and there is the PRO Pack which is ideal for agents or developers and offers up to 5 properties. Please note that payment can be done through Paypal only, which offers one of the safest transaction methods in the world.


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